Suffering from back pain?
You’re not alone . . .


Government statistics show that 54% of all adults will experience this health hazard and... most of them will never recover.

Millions of women and men suffer from back pain. This condition often leads to other problems with the neck, shoulders, and knees. Loss of work time, less active time with family and altered personal life are typical consequences most of them experience.

Fortunately, a doctor has uncovered the cause of most back problems. His shocking findings and unique system have helped his patients out of chronic and debilitating pain, many had had for decades, in as little as 3 days.

(If you are one of those experiencing such pain, this book is for you.)

It is the complete clinically proven back pain program that utilizes a specialized system for your success.

Safe, simple, and effective; no equipment needed.

Read below to find out more about his unique revolutionary system that has restored and renewed thousands to living their life again.

STOP doing endless stretches and various random exercises hoping to get over your pain.

What I discovered in my clinic is that more is not better.

In fact less is more, especially when you do exactly what your body requires.

After working with patients just like you I developed a specific system that is safe, simple, takes a minimum amount of time, yet highly effective, that can rid you of pain and limited mobility within days if not sooner.

Doing a bunch of exercises to rid yourself of pain can be a frustrating and fruitless experience. Most conditions that people have as a result of work, injury, or bad habits I found can be helped with balancing poor body mechanics. However, even doing the right exercises may not be enough to fix your condition.

Through many years of clinical evaluation and patient testing, I found the missing link.

It wasn’t always a certain exercise or technique that made the difference.

What was missing, was not knowing when to do each exercise or technique.

If exercises were randomly given they did not help.

I discovered that these techniques must be performed in a specific sequence.

If you were building a house and had the best materials but put the roof on the bottom and the foundation on the top it would not be livable. You must have the correct materials and It must be built in a specific order or the result would be catastrophic.

Likewise you must build your health restoration program by starting with all of the elements that support your structure then put it together in a specific order to get the desired result.

That is why I developed the Bio-Structural Retraining System.

It is unlike any other approach that you have seen or tried.

Did you know that having back pain when you are sitting or driving requires a different set of techniques than when you are standing?

Did you know that your back pain could be coming from your feet or knees not being aligned properly?

By following my method you will be guided through an approach that insures you do not avoid any area that could be the source of your problem.

Remember: only ten minutes a day is all that’s required.

My system takes you step by step through an organized sequence that does not neglect any structure that might be contributing to your problem. Let me show you how you can be assured of having your pain free life back.

I have spent my career studying the body and its sophisticated mechanical functioning.

I don’t have to tell you how devastating and life changing a back problem can be.

Many years ago it stopped me too dead in my tracks. I would have done anything I could and paid any price to get over it. I went to several highly recommended and renowned specialists in back pain and was floored when I was given their recommendations. Many said I required daily treatment for several weeks and then more treatment several times a week for 2-3 months. I couldn’t believe what I was told I needed.

No way did I want to be another victim of a cookie cutter method that put everyone on the same conveyor belt.

There had to be a better way. And there was…

My Big Change

Frustrated at what I was told, I decided to utilize the tools I had been taught and build a system. It took me several weeks of trial and error but the outcome was more than I expected. I now had personal experience that gave me the assurance to know that if it worked for me it would inevitably work for others as well.

It also took much less time to get out of pain, virtually no cost for equipment, could be done at home, work or while traveling.

And I even included modifications so no matter what limitations you may have you could still reap the rewards.

By tweaking the techniques I was able to organize them for the various ways people experience their problem.

What I discovered was that a back problem for one person may require a different set of routines and techniques as another. I could not assume that every low back condition was to be treated the same. This was the eye opener for me and led me to design a program incorporating specific sequences based on the needs of each person’s condition.

Seeing all types of people with a wide range of physical ailments was challenging and required that I learn more than just what I was taught in school to meet the needs of my patients. As my practice grew I realized that even though they got better they still returned time to time with the same problem.

Regardless how effective my adjustments were they still fell into the gap of having their bodies slowly go back to where they were before I started seeing them. This I felt was due to an irregularity in there muscle and joints from either, working at a desk too long, repetitive motion, or just bad form.

After taking many workshops and post graduate programs I realized that the area I was missing was having a program to stabilize their muscles, joints and ligaments after they were treated.

My search took many turns but I eventually found what I believed to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of getting someone out of pain and keeping them from being forced to succumb to modern medicine’s methods, i.e. drugs and surgery.

Unfortunately some people came to see me too late as they had been through the downward spiral of drugs and surgery first and their condition was now irreversible.

What is vital is you not let someone alter your body so that you are worse than before.

Always do the most conservative treatment first.

By honing my skills I realized that a pattern emerged. I worked with every area of the body to determine what the proper techniques were, but more importantly what the proper sequence for doing them was.

The specific combination of the correct order along with the proper techniques is the secret formula that works for my patients and will do the same for you too.

Even though I have not examined you it is probably safe to say that you are built like the rest of humanity and therefore have the same structural patterns.

This program is developed on this premise and has proven successful for thousands of others just like you.

Regardless of what you have been told about your condition, you owe it to yourself to keep an open mind about the possibility of getting over your condition no matter how long you had it, using this unique system.

Unfortunately many people I have treated were seen by other professionals for months or years before they came to my office. They came because what they were receiving did not give them the relief they were demanding or they were told that there was nothing more that could be done for them.

Many spent thousands of dollars on worthless products or bogus treatments.

Fortunately they did not give up and had the desire to try one more time.

Obviously I never would have met them if their past treatment was effective.

Here are some things you need to consider:

  1. You are a unique individual in appearance, emotions and thought process; however in most ways you’re still human like the rest of us and function the same way.
  2. We all go through the same pain process when something is irritating our body. If you are having pain then the alarm is going off that something is not right. It wasn’t meant to be ignored. Mother Nature does not like being ignored as she will turn up the volume.
  3. Your work, play, sleep and leisure activities contribute to your problem. Whether through excessive sitting, driving, awkward work positions, past injuries, or repetitive movements, you are subject to stresses that affect your body.
  4. Where you hurt is often not the source of the problem. Having a headache does mean you have a head problem.
  5. Taking pain pills, muscle relaxants, applying ice, or analgesic creams or lotions will not correct your condition and may make it worse by delaying necessary treatment. Again Mother Nature does not like being ignored and will continue to send you this message until the condition is successfully treated.
  6. Avoiding exercising because it aggravates your pain may lessen it, however your body requires proper movement for maintaining good health or it will eventually lead to a host of unrelated problems such as; weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and eventually other joint and muscle conditions. Movement is a requirement for our survival and longevity, and we feel better physically, emotionally and mentally when we get regular exercise.
  7. Wearing a back brace or other support will give you a false sense that you are now able to perform normal activities. Not a good idea to override your body’s wisdom designed to tell you when something is wrong. You are not truly better until you fix the problem.
  8. Working through the pain is also not a good idea because you are continuing to irritate the area. It may provide some temporary relief but the initial problem remains and will increase the breakdown of the joint.
  9. Just doing your everyday activities will speed up the degenerative damage.

You need to know this too:

  1. The body works the same for all of us. Give us the correct nutrients and our body gets nourished. Give us exercise and our body gets strong. These are basic to our being human. Part of this process is reinforcing what works and avoiding what doesn’t. When you are in pain you can either fix the problem or stop doing activities that aggravate it. Using the Bio-Structural Retraining System will rebalance your body and put you back in shape so you can get on with your life knowing you are free to move without hindrance.
  2. If trauma or injury occurs, then the body must now adapt in an effort to restore balance. Not being able to function to your potential leads to a downward spiral of pain and loss of function.
  3. Adaptation is what occurs when you do the same motion, activity or position repetitively. This is how you learn and get strong. It is also a main reason that you are prone to injury and never fully recover. When you are not in balance your body gets retrained to move away from pain and develops new patterns of movement that is not as efficient but avoids being in pain.
  4. If you have a headache you usually don’t assume that the problem is with your head. You may not know why you hurt however you probably are aware enough not to go immediately and schedule an appointment with a brain surgeon. This is also relevant for your back as well.
  5. If blocking out the pain with pain pills, muscle relaxants and over the counter topical pain relievers were all that you needed for your condition then surgeons and other professionals treating pain would be out of work.
  6. This solution doesn’t work if you have a toothache. The pain won’t go away until it’s fixed. Pain pills won’t fix it.
  7. We all know that exercise is a requirement for us all to stay healthy. When you hurt however, your desire to be active diminishes, even more so if it aggravates your pain.
  8. We all know that when we exercise it makes us feel great. When you don’t exercise regularly other areas are affected, such as sleeping, weight gain, sluggishness, etc.
  9. If you decide to override your pain and exercise you are setting yourself up for degenerating that area. Try driving your car when the smoke is coming out of the hood and you smell burning brakes.
  10. Surgery may be your only option when you can’t tolerate the pain any longer because the area has been gradually degenerating.

As you ignore your body’s warnings you are narrowing the options for resolving this problem. At some point the pain may be so unbearable because the damage is so severe that your only choice may be surgery.

I developed my program to help you before this is your only option.

Your pain is a clock ticking away and with every day that the pain continues your painful area is steadily decaying making it harder to resolve.

Why neglect the valuable information that something is wrong and you not do everything you can to fix it?

The Bio Structural Retraining program I developed has literally helped thousands get back to living the life they left behind.

This program is unlike any other you may have seen or tried.

Disclaimer: This program may not work for you.

However: If you don’t take a chance and try it you will never know.

It wasn’t always this easy to help my patients.

It’s true that I love my work of getting people out of pain. I enjoy solving people’s health problems. Nothing gives me more joy than helping someone after they have seen everyone else for their condition.

After several weeks of treatment and often only a few days, they are nearly pain free and back to doing activities that they have been unable to perform, in some cases, for literally years.

The truth is I was not always this fortunate helping most everyone who came into my clinic.

Getting my patients out of pain was the routine outcome in my office. Keeping them this way was my dilemma.

After researching what was available in my field I came upon a post graduate rehabilitation program that offered me hope that this may be the missing link I was searching for.

I was shown techniques that were developed from all over the world that required little to no equipment yet proved effective treating a host of physical ailments.

I used these same approaches with my back problem then incorporated them into my practice and as is commonly stated… the rest is history.

Don’t get me wrong my patients were improving before I started implementing this program; however the numbers climbed dramatically after I started using my new protocol.

This is why I am so enthusiastic about you using this so you too can get off the pain numbing bandwagon of just getting temporary relief with no improvement of your underlying problem and damaging the joint.

Hopefully you will get this program before you see someone who prescribes you opioids and you become another addiction statistic.

Your body is not going to self correct you back to health until you do what is necessary to balance and fix the underlying condition.

Time is not on your side. Every minute you are not working to fix your problem it is degenerating.

When you think about how much money you may be spending on pills, ointments, hot and cold pads, etc., you could have easily spent many times the cost of this program.

And what about reduced income from lost work days?

Think about it. Wouldn’t you want to correct the condition, rather than just turn off the signal and pay the price of needing surgery down the road?

Many people came to me after seeking help from; their family MD, orthopedist, physical therapists, massage practitioners, acupuncturists and a host of others. I refer to many of these specialists when needed. However, when I do it’s because the condition is one that is in their realm. I don’t like to step on anyone’s toes. I treat conditions I have been trained to help and refer out the rest.

My patient’s health is my main concern and whatever I believe is in their best interest is what I will recommend, always.

That is why you need to invest in this program. It is organized to get you out of pain and stay that way, with clearly written and detailed explanations and photos.

Most conditions take only about ten minutes total per day.

Nothing could be easier and less time consuming than my system.

Your body will thank you with its return to full function.

The price of my complete system on a spiral-bound

handbook format is only $39.97.

When you consider what this small investment will return to you in good health it is an outrageous bargain.

And if that wasn’t good enough here’s more...

Did I tell you that this handbook not only includes the complete program for your back..

But also includes the same complete approach for every other major area of the body as well?

That’s right from the foot to the neck, arms and legs too; I have laid out a program of treatment for every joint.

So whether you may be having a shoulder or knee problem I have charted a course for you to resolve it with specific techniques organized in a sequence dictated by your unique situation.

Including all of these areas separately would have cost at least 10X more.

I have included all of these areas so no matter where you are having pain you now have an organized plan to overcome it.

No guessing.

All of these are safe, simple to perform and clinically proven effective.

Now it gets even better...

Because you probably want to get out of pain and get back to enjoying your life quickly, I have produced a downloadable version of my handbook as well for only $9.97.

I know that many of you would also like to have the complete handbook as a video so you can watch each and every technique clearly demonstrated with live models and explanations.

This full color video is being offered for only $49.97.

The Best part is that during the next five days and only during these five days my complete program including the handbook, ehandbook and video are being offered at only $37.97.

But Wait!! There’s more…. 

And if that is not enough I am also including Bonus videos of my absolute top secret techniques for:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (no need for braces anymore)
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome (no complete tears please)
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfers elbow
  • Hip pain
  • Chondromalacia of the knee (throw away your knee support)
  • Hand and finger pain

These techniques have virtually never been shown or demonstrated to the public before now.

I may not be offering this program at this price again so please take advantage of this opportunity now.

If you don’t need this program now then buy it anyway and put it in your safe or medicine cabinet for when you do.

Remember the odds are that at some point in your life you will need it. 

Then these bonuses are a must to have.

These techniques won’t get stale moldy or go out of style. They are tried and true and clinically proven over several decades to reduce pain and restore function quickly, easily and without equipment, props or prior training.


Order the complete package
now for only $37.97.


If you saw a hundred doctors I could almost guarantee none of them would know the techniques and the necessary sequencing needed for ultimate success that are demonstrated clearly in my program.


This unique approach focuses on finding the cause of the problem, not just pain relief and following a specific pathway. These techniques have been successfully used by thousands of back pain sufferers. Clear descriptions and photos allow for ease in being able to perform.

They are all gentle, safe and effective. Only the best and most effective methods are shown, and you won’t need to spend a lot of time doing them to get relief. As the title states: ten minutes a day.

This sequenced approach is also used to treat almost every other joint problem from the neck to the feet as well as the arms and legs.This is a clinically proven back pain handbook that utilizes a specialized system for your success. This unique approach focuses on finding the cause of the problem, not just pain relief and following a specific pathway. These techniques have been successfully used by thousands of back pain sufferers. Clear descriptions and photos allow for ease in being able to perform. They are all gentle, safe and effective. Only the best and most effective methods are shown, and you won’t need to spend a lot of time doing them to get relief. As the title states: ten minutes a day. This sequenced approach is also used to treat almost every other joint problem from the neck to the feet as well as the arms and legs.


Here is your key to get you back in shape:

Complete Program

  • Heal Your Back Pain in Ten Minutes a Day immediate ebook access ($9.97 value)
  • Heal Your Back Pain In Ten Minutes a Day Spiral bound handbook ($37.97 value)
  • Video version of Heal Your Back Pain In Ten Minutes a Day ($49.97 value)
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Complete system for eliminating back pain

Real World Results from Real People ...

Here are testimonials of people who have been helped using the exclusive techniques found in this handbook:

"I had deep pain in my low back and abdomen for several months. My family doctor couldn’t find anything wrong and prescribed pain pills that did nothing. After several months of no relief I contacted Dr Markovitz. He gave me only one technique to do and after several days the pain subsided and within one week the pain was gone."
— Michael S.

“Dr. Markovitz has given me hope. I am a 68-year-old man with a history of back problems dating back to my 20s, including a laminectomy at 38. By adhering to the exercise program he gave me to follow at home, my back muscles and hip flexors are stronger now than they have been in many years. He also relieved me of an extremely painful sciatica condition. Do yourself a favor, and don’t go anywhere else.”
— Gerry G.

“I’ve had back issues since a fall on a scuba diving incident in 1998. After many therapies, I thought I was stuck with the pain. That was until Dr. Markovitz put me on an exercise program. The daily stretches are area-specific and have alleviated my pain by over over 90%. Of all the practitioners I’ve visited, his work has been the most beneficial.”
– Tom S.


I am so convinced that you will get the value from this program that I am offering a full price guarantee if for any reason you are not completely satisfied.

Heal Your Back Pain In Ten Minutes a Day

A Safe and Simple Doctor-Proven Program to Eliminate Back Pain

By Harvey Markovitz, D.C.

This program is only being offered at this low price of $37.97 for 5 days, and then will only be offered at full retail price of $97.91.