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Learn how one doctor’s discovery rid his patients of chronic back pain without addicting drugs, surgery, special equipment or hypnotherapy.

Patients who had been suffering for years were back enjoying their active lives again within days of following his protocol.

Read what other back pain sufferers have experienced after doing his simple, easy and safe program.


Did you know that your back pain could be the result of your feet or knees not being aligned properly?



    “I don’t know if I can truly articulate the impact Dr. Markovitz’s program has had on my life. I have sustained multiple injuries through my career as an athlete and he has helped me make huge strides with  getting my range of motion and function back.
   I’ve tried everything – drs, physical therapy, orthopedic surgeons, other chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, myofascial release, cortisone injections, reiki, trigger point therapy, cryotherapy, floating, etc. Literally, you name it and I tried it. After seeing Dr. Markovitz, my body is feeling better than I can remember it in years. I don’t limp when I wake up, I can bend my knee without pressure and pain, etc.”
—Julia H., CA “Dr. Harvey’s exercises strengthened my weak muscles and I have seen huge improvements to my mobility and pain is almost completely gone now! I highly recommend Dr. Harvey’s program to my friends.”
—Portia S., CA “(Dr. Markovitz) got me on a stretching program that helped alleviate 90% of my pain. I’ve been able to live quite comfortably.”
—T.S., CA “I consistently use his excellent exercise guide, Heal Your Back Pain in Ten Minutes a Day!
—Dan P., CA

      Those are the usual responses from my patients after only a few days or a week or two of doing the specific     techniques I have found to unlock their pain and get them back on the road to health and vitality. You too can get these same results.

This is a Revolutionary program, not an encyclopedia of every exercise or technique ever performed. It is a customized for YOUR specific condition.

Rebalancing Your Body for Pain Relief

      As a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 40 years, I have uncovered the cause of most back problems, and through my unique, revolutionary system, have created an effective and safe program that has helped thousands get out of their chronic and debilitating pain.

       And this program can do the same for you too!!

     There was a time in my life when I suffered from debilitating back pain. I did what I told my patients to do. I got myself adjusted, applied ice and heat, repeat, etc. after several weeks of no progress it was time to reevaluate. Saw I thought it was more serious than just needing to be adjusted so I saw several back specialists. They could not find a serious problem and wanted to give me- feel good pills, which I declined.

      Frustrated at what I was told by them, I thought that maybe some of my patients who I saw only a few times may have had the result as me, i.e. no improvement. That was a wake up call.

I decided to find out what was truly going to fix my back so I could ultimately help my patients too. 

After several weeks of trial and error, I arrived at the eye-opening opinion that muscular spinal imbalance was the key to unlock back pain.

This breakthrough completely revolutionized my practice and the results achieved by my patients improved dramatically.

Each person’s back pain requires a different set of routines and techniques.

Don’t assume that every back pain condition can be treated the same way. 

This is why I designed a program that incorporates specific sequences based on the needs of the individual, stabilizing the patients’ muscles, joints, and ligaments. 


           Truly this is the most conservative, safe and effective treatment out there!

 Did you know that having back pain when you are sitting or driving requires a different set of techniques than pain experienced when you are standing?

What’s most important about this approach to treatment is the order in which you perform the exercises and techniques. My comprehensive system of organized sequences ensures you do not neglect any structure that may be contributing to your problem.

Your body cannot self-correct until you do what is necessary to fix the underlying condition. Instead of seeking temporary relief, take this opportunity to rebalance your body and achieve lasting relief. 

Many seeing results in as little as 7 days or less!

The techniques outlined in my book are clinically proven and have successfully provided relief to thousands of back pain sufferers.

The Bio-Structural Retraining System

       I’ve spent my career studying the body and its sophisticated functioning. Through my research while developing this system, I learned that… more is not better. In fact, less is more… especially when you’re doing what your body requires!

My program – The Bio-Structural Retraining System is safe, and simple. Some patients see a dramatic reduction of their pain and increased mobility within days of following the system; with a time commitment of just 10 minutes each day.

Stop doing endless stretches and random exercises hoping to get out of pain. Do exactly what your body is begging you to do! When you get the clinically proven Bio-Structural Retraining System, you’ll be able to follow a simple sequence of customized (just for you!) techniques for maximum results.


The secret is:

Be specific: + use fewer techniques + less time = more relief + back to living your life again… sooner.

timer-10-minutes EXERCISE-SMAPLES Download Now! “I’ve had neck and upper and lower back pain for over 3 years. I was a zombie and on 6 medications at only 32 years old. I went from GP to Neurologist to Rheumatologist and was diagnosed with a deteriorating spinal disorder and fibromyalgia even through it never seemed right. Since being on Dr. Harvey’s program for less than two months, I’ve been off all medications, and I haven’t had this much energy or been this pain-free in years. No more migraines! Very little neck and back pain – I just need to do my specific stretches. I’m back to swimming regularly and coaching. Please, if you have any pain or feel like you may have been given too much medication that isn’t helping, you need his program.”
—Sara F.

My program is the best because it works.

     It was professionally produced for maximum effectiveness for back pain ever developed. The small investment  you make will reward you for a lifetime. And that’s not your only benefit! Because my practice also included patients in pain in all the other areas of the body, my program includes those areas as well. So, not only does my program help your low back, but also includes every other major area of your body as well.

      So, if you have:

                        • Carpal tunnel            • Golfer’s elbow           • Rotator cuff shoulder problem          • Neck, knee, hip or foot pain

       My book can help you in all of these areas too.

This is a no Brainer offer !!

Each area of the body is clearly discussed with photos, and a video as well, for every body part. You could easily spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars $$$$$$ and countless hours on YouTube and Google searching for help, and probably getting some really bad advice. You won’t have to do this anymore.

These are time tested proven methods prescribed in my clinic with thousands of satisfied patients, who no longer have to ‘doctor shop’ and then only get a prescription for pain killers.







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