Suffering from back pain?
You’re not alone . . .

Government statistics show that 54% of adults will experience this health hazard.

Many will never recover; they’ll either live with the pain for the rest of their life or find a solution for relief, such as pain killers.

Millions of people suffer from back pain, and while it can be an isolated condition, most often pain in the back leads to problems in the neck, shoulders, and knees. (And sometimes, back pain didn’t even start in your back... it started in one of these other areas in the first place!)

 But wherever your pain originated, a loss of productivity at work, less active time with family, and an altered personal life are all typical consequences my patients have experienced. 


Did you know that your back pain could be the result of your feet or knees not being aligned properly?

Fortunately, as a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 40 years, I have uncovered the cause of most back problems and through my shocking findings and unique system, much different and safer than most alternative methods, I’ve helped thousands of people get out of chronic and debilitating pain. 

Many seeing results in as little as 7 days or less!

This clinically proven back pain program utilizes a specialized system that’s safe, simple and effective with no equipment necessary!

Complete Program Includes:

  • Heal Your Back Pain In Ten Minutes a Day Spiral bound handbook ($40 value)
  • Video version of Heal Your Back Pain In Ten Minutes a Day ($48 value)
  • Heal Your Back Pain in Ten Minutes a Day immediate ebook access ($10 value)

Total Value: $98.00

The techniques outlined in my book are clinically proven and have successfully provided relief to thousands of back pain sufferers.

Nothing could be easier and less time consuming than my system, and for the small investment of just $39.97, you’ll have these simple easy-to-use tools you need to achieve relief for yourself… in as little as three days!

The Bio-Structural Retraining System

I’ve spent my career studying the body and its sophisticated mechanical functioning. Through my research while developing this system, I learn that more is not better. In fact, less is more... especially when you’re doing what your body requires!

The Bio-Structural Retraining System is safe, simple, and takes a minimum amount of time each day; some patients saw dramatic reduction of their pain and increased mobility within days of following the system, with a time commitment of just 10 minutes each day.

Stop doing endless stretches and random exercises hoping to get out of pain. Do exactly what your body is begging you to do! When you get the clinically proven Bio-Structural Retraining System, you’ll be able to follow a simple sequence of customized (just for you!) exercises and stretches for maximum results. The secret is in the sequence!

Start your journey to a pain free life by downloading my eBook, “Heal Your Back Pain in Ten Minutes a Day,” now!


Rebalancing Your Body for Pain Relief

There was a time in my life when I too suffered from debilitating back pain. Frustrated at what I was told by several highly-recommended and renowned specialists, I decided to utilize the tools I had been taught to build my own pain-free road back to health. After several weeks of trial and error, I arrived at an eye-opening conclusion.

Back pain for one person may require a different set of routines and techniques than that of the next. We cannot assume that every back pain condition can be treated the same way, which is why I designed a program that incorporates specific sequences based on the needs of the individual, stabilizing the patients’ muscles, joints, and ligaments, and enabling them to make an impact on their back pain and seek relief on their own. This truly is the most conservative treatment out there!

 Did you know that having back pain when you are sitting or driving requires a different set of techniques than pain experienced when you are standing?

What’s most important about this approach to treatment is the order in which you perform the exercises and techniques. My comprehensive system of organized sequences ensures you do not neglect any structure that may be contributing to your problem.

Your body cannot self-correct until you do what is necessary to fix the underlying condition. Instead of seeking temporary relief, take this opportunity to rebalance your body and achieve lasting relief. 


Your body will thank you for its return to full function.
Get your copy of my eBook today!